This website presents findings from a systematic and interdisciplinary review of the literature on platform competition by Joost Rietveld and Melissa Schilling.

Interest in platform competition has grown significantly over the last three decades. This interest continues to grow rapidly with the rise of the Internet that has dramatically increased both the scale and scope of platform competition, to the point where the current economic landscape has been described as a “platform economy” by the popular business press. This explosive rise of the platform economy has led to a flurry of academic research across a variety of disciplines, including management and organizations, information systems, economics, and marketing.

This website and the accompanying Paper provide a systematic and interdisciplinary review of the academic literature on platform competition. An interactive data dashboard of the scholarly references analyzed has been developed and can be accessed through the References dashboard tab; the data dashboard contains more than 300 references on platform competition and can be filtered based on discipline, publication, and theme, among others. In addition, dynamic data visualizations summarizing the state of the literature can be found within the Data visualizations tab.

More information about the authors and contact details can be found on the About the authors tab.