About the authors

Joost Rietveld is an Associate Professor at the Strategy & Entrepreneurship group of the UCL School of Management at University College London. He obtained his PhD from Bayes Business School, City University London. He graduated with a joint committee from the Stern School of Business at New York University where he spent two and half years as a visiting doctoral student. Prior to joining UCL, he was faculty at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Joost’s research interests are at the intersection of technology strategy and innovation management. His work seeks to understand how inter-organizational dynamics, including platform-complementor relationships, alliances, and mergers and acquisitions, affect various product-level outcomes. He is also interested in how digitization facilitates new and innovative ways of doing business including the freemium and platform-based business models. 

More information about Joost can be found on his personal website, strategyguide.nl/. Also, you can follow him on social media and contact him at his email address below:

twitter.com/gjrietveld linkedin.com/in/gjrietveld @ j.rietveld[at]ucl.ac.uk

Melissa A. Schilling is the Herzog Family Professor of Management at New York University Stern School of Business. She received her Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in strategic management from the University of Washington. Professor Schilling’s research focuses on innovation and strategy in high technology industries such as smartphones, video games, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electric vehicles, and renewable energies. She is particularly interested in platform dynamics, networks, creativity, and breakthrough innovation. Her textbook, Strategic Management of Technological Innovation (now in its fifth edition), is the number one innovation strategy text in the world. She is also coauthor of Strategic Management: An integrated approach (now in its twelfth edition).

More information about Melissa can be found on her personal website, melissaaschilling.com/. Also, you can follow her on social media and contact her at her email address below:

twitter.com/mschilli1 linkedin.com/in/melissa-a-schilling/ @ mschilli[at]stern.nyu.edu